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the mortal instruments fandom;


if you’re part of this fandom reblog this post. it’ll make things easier to find each other! i want to follow you all!

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Hee. *bookmarks to show to Jamie* (I mean, not like he hasn’t seen his own face before, but the comments.)



Can we just discuss the hotness that is Jace?
Can we just? 
gif credit to X

Seriously I might not recover from this. I appreciate Jace, and I think JCB is the PERFECT jace.. but I have never really drooled over Jace.. until now. Like I cannot even deal with this. 


I met the talented author Leigh Bardugo today, and all I managed to do was grin like a fool (too many feels…)

I did’t get a chance to thank her for the equally compelling and stunningly original world she created. For a plot as intriguing and authentic as the characters she crafted. For the wit and the sarcasm and the poignant memories. For a morally complex villain that draws you in with each turn of the page. For a flawed, yet strong, heroine. For the revelations and the dreams. 

Thank you. 

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The evolution of Alina Starkov. 
"…grief for the dreams we’d shared, for the love I’d felt, for the hopeful girl I would never be again.”